Volkswagen Polo R VS Volkswagen Polo R WRC


Volkswagen Polo R VS Volkswagen Polo R WRC

When it comes to World Rally Championship, the governing body, FIA release certain regulations that the teams have to follow for their cars. In 2011, the FIA released new regulations that ensured every car competing had a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine with direct fuel injection. When it comes to a real contender for the WRC, Volkswagen […]

VW Polo - Golf

Volkswagen Golf vs Polo: Which is the best?

It’s such a hard task choosing between two rivals, especially from the same make. The Volkswagen Golf and Polo are both incredible cars in which they both offer high quality interiors, an enjoyable and comfortable drive and are able to appeal to all audience types. Leasing a car in the UK is becoming more popular and […]