Volkswagen Golf vs Polo: Which is the best?

VW Polo - Golf

It’s such a hard task choosing between two rivals, especially from the same make. The Volkswagen Golf and Polo are both incredible cars in which they both offer high quality interiors, an enjoyable and comfortable drive and are able to appeal to all audience types. Leasing a car in the UK is becoming more popular and easier as the days go on as it’s very flexible and offers a range of different deals, so you’re able to drive in the car you love for less.

Volkswagen GOLF
The Golf is definitely something special, which offers such a variety of body styles that you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you with no problems. Is the standard Golf Hatchback not enough for you? Fear not! The Cabriolet, Estate, GTI Hatchback, GTD Hatchback, Bluemotion Hatchback, R and SV are all available for you to spice the car up.

When it comes to driving the Golf, it can be extremely fun as there are a range of different engines to choose from. Whether you want petrol or diesel, the Golf offers a variety of each unlike the Polo. Most Golf fans are drawn to this car mainly because of how brilliant it is to drive with its light steering which makes it a lot easier to control.

Design & Audience
If you prefer a sportier look, then the Golf is definitely the car for you as it offers a more masculine look than the Polo. Of course, the GTI is the best for getting this look. As well as this, the body is larger than the Polo, which can make it difficult to park and do maneuvers which isn’t a problem but with it being a bigger car, it’s definitely more suited to families.

With the exterior being so nice, the interior had quite high expectations – and Volkswagen have really outdone themselves. The materials used inside the cabin are high quality and therefore make the car look a lot more modern compared to its rivals. The whole layout is pretty spot on as it’s very organized and allows the driver and passengers to navigate all of the infotainment easily, which is often a problem within some cars.

Volkswagen POLO
Unfortunately, the Volkswagen Polo hasn’t got too much to offer compared to the Golf, but it’s still a strong candidate for being the best hatchback. The GTI Hatchback is also available as well as the standard which is pretty impressive and is just basically a smaller version of the Golf.

As stated beforehand, the Polo is actually an impressive drive for a range of reasons. The Polo does offer a good range of petrol and diesel engines – but you’re pretty limited compared to the Golf. All engines are pretty much turbocharged, with the 1.2 being the favourite which is smooth and isn’t too noisy. The Polo is a thrilling drive and is very comfortable when driving on the roughest surfaces which is perfect for any country roads and old city roads. When going at higher speeds, the Polo has no issues what so ever, so of course Volkswagen have really pulled it out of the bag as this is what most city cars tend to really struggle with.

Design & Audience
With the Volkswagen Polo having a much small body than the Golf, it’s suited better to the city life. Parking and maneuvers can be extremely tricky for those larger cars, but for the Polo it’s not a problem in the slightest. The Polo is more suited to newer drivers as it’s not as advanced as the Golf and enables the driver to get more comfortable with the whole driving experience but of course, it makes a great car for anyone too.

What’s included within the cabin easily beats the Golf. The Polo offers a range of different ways in order to get more comfortable when driving, such as the adjustable seats and an adjustable steering wheel which makes things a lot easier for the driver. There are a couple of different trims to choose from so you’re able to choose the one that suits you best. You get a lot for your money when it comes to the infotainment as it includes Bluetooth, air-conditioning and a DAB radio as standard which is more generous than the Golf.

Finding the best car for you is always a difficult task, but if you know exactly what you’re looking for – it’s easy. If a good looking car is what you want, then the Volkswagen Golf is definitely the ideal car for you but if you need a car which is practical then the Volkswagen Polo should be at the top of your list. There are a range of cheap lease cars  which may be the perfect fit if neither the Golf or the Polo suit you.





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